Redefining Legal Procurement

Our unique business model: The Jointly Agreed Tender (JAT)

ValistiQ has designed and developed a perfect collaboration model to get the best law firms in a particular matter and a specific place to compete for you, with us ensuring fair competition and assessing all proposals according to your criteria.

We bring a closed number of law firms with proved expertise in advising in a particular topic to participate in a competition amongst them, agreeing that the winner will pay the costs of organizing the tender (ValistiQ’s Tender Management Fees).

How does it work

1. Expain us your need, our process is tailor-made

We will listen to every detail, including the kind of law firm you are looking for. Then we will draft a clear document that allows law firms to clearly understand your needs and quote precisely. You can impose as many requirements as you wish, we will simply work to ensure they are met.

Furthermore, our team will guide you along the entire process, putting all their expertise at your service. You will always review the tender documents to make sure they truly reflect what you are looking for.

2. Potential Law Firm Analysis

Following your instructions, we undertake a thorough anlysis for determining the best law firms in a specific place, for that precise matter and in a particular sector.

We invest time and resources to determine those firms that could potentially be a perfect match. By asking for references, checking credentials, holding 1to1 meetings and analysing the professional background of proposed teams, we finally make a selection of trustufl law firms which we invite to participate in the tender.

3. Selected law firms jointly agree tender conditions to compete for you

Once identified expert and trustful firms, we invite them to compete for you in a private closed tender, where all parties agree on the rules that will govern the process and decide that ValistiQ will be the coordinator of the tender, making sure that all rules are respected, ensuring fair competition, and comparing proposals under impartial crtieria.

4. Law firms submit their proposals

Once conditions are agreed amongst all intervening parties, we begin the JAT. Law firms are given a deadline to submit any question they might have regarding the service to be rendered, with the aim of allowing them to quote with maximum precision.

After receiving the answers to the questions made by all participants (all answers are shared with all law firms, to ensure equal access to the same information), law firms start submitting their proposals.

5. Final Comparison Report

Once all proposals are received in the given timeframe, ValistiQ starts assessing each proposal according to the criteria agreed with you. We prepare a Final Report for you comparing and ranking all proposals according to the points obtained by each of them in each of the factors that are taken into consideration. 

Finally, we will schedule a call with you to discuss the Final Comparison Report. We can schedule calls with the finalists, renegotiate conditions and of course, support you in your decision.